Lucky 13 Barbershop came to us from one of Mark’s many trips to Lytham, where he has his hair cut. After hearing about UA Media, Theo asked us for a simple, quirky site entirely tailored to him that would make him stand out from the crowd, much like his own business and craft in the barber business.  Lucky 13’s website is simple, and unique, and allows for easy bookings for his customers. We easily combined the website with booksy, so Theo could both update his look, while also keeping a system he knows well.

Lucky 13 is fully responsive, making it a handy go-to for busy people who need to get a quick haircut in. Lucky 13 is a perfect example of a unique, stylised website with a coat of traditional paint, with all the modcons keeping it fresh.

Customer Comments

“Mark and staff are very professional in every stage of looking after my businesses web design requirements. From planning to publishing they worked to understand my business particular focus and their after sales support is second to none.”

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Lucky 13 Barbershop

What We Did

Website Design, Graphic Design

What We Used

WordPress, Yoast SEO, PHP, jQuery, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Responsive