Online Strategy Consultation

What should I look for in an online strategy consultation?

Getting online when you’re an expert in your own field and not of online marketing and all it contains can feel daunting! You are going to worry if you’re speaking to the right people, can they back up their claims to deliver the earth? In our years of experience, we’ve dealt with many people that have either had a bad experience so are super twitchy, or they are really not technical so have a natural concern they are not going to understand what its all about.

We’ve built our business around being open and honest with all our customers, from the 1st point of contact to our on going relationships with them and their staff. There’s nothing dressed up in technical terms, we explain everything using a language you will understand, and in direct reference to your business type and industry.

We will meet with you and discuss where you are with your business, both offline and online. This is the start of any solid online strategy consultation, as without having in depth conversations with you about your business, we can’t deliver the best possible solution.

Our advice is always impartial, honest and straight! We don’t sugar coat any possible problems, as if there’s a flaw in your plan we need to fix it and make it better and therefore, a stronger plan to build on.

We use the best tried and tested technology and solutions available to us that will deliver an end result that’s robust, future proof (to any degree that technology can be) and easy for you to use on a daily basis to run your business.

Using our own experiences and the challenges our customers have encountered, we have developed ourselves as a company to offer a literal one stop shop for everything you need to run your business on and offline.

So what happens?

We will look at your current branding to ensure you are happy with it and that it’s sending the right message to the right people.

We will then discuss your plans for the future and offer a range of possible solutions at different budget points that will bring together your brand with your target market on and offline.

Using our solutions, we also look at how we can streamline as much as possible for the administration side of your business. We analyse how processes can be streamlined or automated, both for contact and delivery. This exercise ensures not only do you have a fantastic front facing presence, but that you are as profitable as possible too.

If the above sounds familiar and that you could do with a chat, then call us today on 01524 874 549 or fill out the contact form here and we will be delighted to sit down and let you know where we can help.